Shop information on Kabukicho

Address 2nd TOA BLD.B1 Kabukicho 1-21-1

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Tel 03-6278-9197
Opening Time 19:00-Last/Open everyday
Found on the second underground floor of Toa Second (via the B1 entrance), has three floors, the UNIVERSE FLOOR, BAR METRO, and COSM ROOM, with a capacity of approximate 1,500 people. It's prices vary depending on the date and time, and costs
Address Kabukicho 1-3 Umemura BLD 5F Shinjuku-Ku

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Tel 03-6273-9519
Opening Time 21:00-a.m.5:00 Sat.Sun 6:00-10:00(Irregular)/ Irregular holidays
"Open on June 14, 2019, in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, under the concept of “Make Tokyo nightlife exciting,” ORIZURU is a new club to enjoy Tokyo night life. The space is beautifully designed and boasts an amazing sound system originally customed by a Japanese sound system brand TAGUCHI. Custom Nishijin silk fabrics in the DJ booth and lacquered bar counter express modern Japanese style with a private VIP room for 6 people. The grand menu includes several kinds of sparklings including a Japanese Sparkling sake as well as a quality Japanese sake of the season.
okama bar Hige Girl
Address Wizard7 BLD7F 2-8 Kabukicho 1chome Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-5292-1275
Opening Time 18:00-1:00am/Sun.
Kabukicho Okama Bar "Hige Girl"
Hige Girl is a drag queen show bar in Kabukicho, shinjuku, with a number of cast members who work in television!!
Show times are from Tuesday to Saturday in two shows at 19:00 and 22:00. Business hours: [18:00-25:00]
Monday-Saturday [Closed Sundays, except before national holidays]
*Foreign customers can enter if a member of their party speaks Japanese:
¥6,150 (tax included) for 90 minutes, plus a 15% service fee
Shinjuku NEST / Show Restaurant
Address 1-14-7 Kabukicho HJayashi BLD B1 Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Tel 03-5285-1160
Opening Time 19:00-am1:00/ Sunday
Enjoy dancing, singing, and our drink service!
Have a captivating evening at - entertainment show bar, “NEST”!

Come to “NEST” if you want to see an authentic entertainment show in Shinjuku!
Enjoy the best show accompanied by 3,000 yen all you can drink plan for men and women, for 60 minutes
*The price includes consumption tax and service fee.
For meals, we currently offer lunch boxes (from 1,500 yen).

Professional dancers train every day and offer an entertainment show to be enjoyed by everyone!
Sharp dance and powerful pole dance, the fascinating singer's performance - a must-see!
Feel the fast throbbing while enjoying your drink!

Hours Monday - Saturday 19:00 - 1:00, the following day
Holiday Dinner: 19:00 - 1:00, the following day(L.O.24:45, Drink L.O. 24:45)
Close Every Sunday
Average price Dinner 2,750 JPY
Cards Accepted VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club
mugi no oto/Hey Rasshai!/BRIAN BAR【Japanese craftbeer & sausage】
Address 12-15 Kabukicho 1-chome Shinjuku-Dai7-Building B1F

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Tel 03-6273-9541
Opening Time 17:00-5:00am/closed on Monday
We are proud of our shop, it is fusion restaurant = mix restaurant = mix restaurant where you can enjoy various dishes with craft beer × sausage × sushi ♪ We also offer a full-scale sushi counter held by craftsmen.In addition, live music by professional musicians can be enjoyed without charge from Friday 21:30 to midnight on Friday.

Table charge 500 yen (tax included) after 22:00
Average amount spent Dinner: 3001 - 4000 yen
Address 1-28-5 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6233-9606
Opening Time 18:00-24:00 Sun.Holiday 12:00-24:00/closed on 1/1-3
During the Showa Period, when people thought those who liked rock were hoodlums, Yu Hirano, manager of the live house, LOFT, which paved the way for Japan's rock scene, opened ROCK CAFE LOFT IS YOUR ROOM as a place for people to share in rock and food as they talk and drink.

A bar to listen to rock and eat oden.
They host special talks with music aficionados, DJs, and
rock lectures every day from 7pm to 10pm. "I want
everyone to listen to good music, try good sake and
snacks, and meet good friends at ROCKCAFE LOFT is
your room." (Hirano)
■The fees depend on the event.
Menu: Draft beer
Address 1-14-4 Kabukicho Kawashin Bldg. 7F, Shinjuku

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Tel 03-5291-7567
Opening Time 18:00-25:30(L.O.24:00)/Irregular holidays
【One of the greatest performance in Japan】
TEJINAYA is the most famous entreatment space for Magic in Japan. We are having world winning magicians who were success at Hollywood,Las Vegas and so on. You’ll too enjoy to not drink, and get thirst. We promise the most wonderful time in your life. Please enjoy this is TEJINAYA.

budget/ 3,850jpy(tax included)
Address 13-11 Kabukicho 1-chome Kai-Building 4F Shinjuku-Ku

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Tel 03-6265-9700
Opening Time 18:00-am5:00/Open everyday
Situated across from the Robot Restaurant, this is a great establishment to gaze at the neon lights from the raised tatami seating, and eat and drink until 5am.
Service charge:
Address 23-14 Kabuki Cho 1-chome The 1st metro Building 1F

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Tel 03-3200-5556
Opening Time 12:00-3:00,(Fri.Sat.The day before holidays)12:00-5:00,(Sun Holiday)12:00-24:00/Open everyday
Half of all daily customers at this classic bar and pub are from abroad.
They always have five types of dra beer on tap! Their most popular dish is their fish and chips. Grab a beer, and enjoy.
-BEERS ON TAP-【London Pride】1/2pint 600円(税込)1pint
1,000円(税込)【GUINNESS】1/2pint 600円(税込)1pint 1,000円
(税込)【Hoegaarden White】S 900円(税込)L 1,700円(税込)
BAR ACQUA - CAFE 88 / Cafe and Bar
Address Tatehana BLD.1F 12-9 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6205-6678
Opening Time 12:00-7:00am/ open everyday
Britsh style cafe and bar,There are always disco song from the 70’s and 80’s playing in the interior of this British style cafe bar.
The 88 in the name stands for the year of Anny’s birth.
No Tax! No charge! No Holiday!
Please enjoy with good drink and good music.

budget/ 1,800jpy~2,000jpy
beer 600jpy(Suntory Molt's)
Cocktails 700jpy~
Fish and Chips 700jpy

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Tel 03-5155-3082
Opening Time mon-thu 17:00-25:00 fri17:00-26:00 sat16:00-26:00 sun16:00-25:00/Open everyday
Come down and enjoy our relaxed atmosphere with great drinks, foods and friends at the HUB & 82.Taken from the words 'Public House' - HUB & 82 are your home away from home!

Seating Capacity110seat/Cash on
ClosedOpen 365 days a year
HAPPY HOURMon~Fri 17:00~19:00
Sat・Sun 16:00~19:00
buget ~2,000
BAR ACQUA CITY /Cafe and Bar
Address Seibu-Shinjuku-Ekimae BLD.1F 46-3 Kabukicho 2 chome Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6475-3363
Opening Time 12:00-6:00am/open everyday
Britsh style cafe and bar,
This aquatic style bar is located in front of the Northern exit of the Seibu Shinjuku Station. It is a
great place to grab a cffee while you wait for a friend.
No Tax! No charge! No Holiday!
Please enjoy with good drink and good music.

budget/ 1,800jpy~2,000jpy
beer 600jpy(Suntory Molt's)
Cocktails 700jpy~
BAR ACQUA- Shinjuku OLD /Cafe and Bar
Address Wings BLD 1F 15-8 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku

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Tel 03-3200-3788
Opening Time 24h / open everyday
The first floor, right in front of the Benzaiten, in the center of Kabukicho, is always full of people from all over the world. The interior of this British style cafe and bar is always alive with disco songs from the 70's and 80's. Be friendly, and have a good drink and listen to good music.

budget/ 1,800jpy~2,000jpy
beer 600jpy(Suntory Molt's)
Cocktails 700jpy~
Fish and Chips 700jpy
Address Aoi-Kaikan 1F 38-7 Kabukicho 2 chome Shinjuku

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Tel 03-5270-0838
Opening Time mon-sat 19:00-8:00am sun19:00-5:00am/ Irregular holidays
First opened by Anny Ramahan after he finished training as a
bartender. Regular customers gather at this hole in the wall.

No TAX! No Charge! No Holiday!
beer600jpy whisky 500jpy burbonn 600jpy cocktail 600jpy~
KUJIRA ENTERTAINMENT/ entertainment dining bar
Address 2-23-1 Kabukicho Furinkaikan B2F, Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6205-6675
Opening Time 20:00-4:00am/Closed on Sunday
Not a club, not a show pub, Our shop is an entertainment restaurant that doesn't exist anywhere! We will guide guests to the unparalleled parallel world of ideas and technology!
We have made every effort to create "immersive space production" by making full use of LED vision and the latest digital equipment installed everywhere! Enjoy the ultimate entertainment restaurant, one step ahead of the times!

20:00 - 24:00 FLAT FEE 1,000jpy
24:00 - 04:00 1HOUR 1,000jpy
budget about 5,000jpy~/one person
Address Humax Pavilion Shinjuku Anex 1F 1-21-7, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Tel 03-5291-1347
Opening Time 16:00-23:30 sat.14:00-23:30 sun.and holliday 14:00-23:00/ open everyday
This offcial Yona Yona Ale beer restaurant will give you the best variety of Yoho Brewing draft beers.
It also others a large food menu,including roast chicken and original sausages.

HOURS Monday - 16:00-23:30 Saturday 14:00-23:30 Sunday & Holiday 14:00-23:00
Close Open everyday
Average price Dinner 3,000 JPY
Cards Accepted VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, MUFG, UC, DC, NICOS, UFJ, SAISON, UnionPay
SCHOLA(スコラ)/ Bar(スナック)
Address Kabukicho DaikanPlaza B1F Kabukicho 1-2-7 Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6205-6121
Opening Time 19:00-5:00am/closed on Sunday
The matron is named Masami. "Have some delicious Obanzai, and let's 1 free dra beer!
drink and have some fun together!" I didn't know what Obanzai is; it apparently refers to side dishes. It's a word from Kyoto, but Masami is from Aomori. She used to work both here and as a nailist.

◎Buy by the shot, or by the bottle
【Starting from one shot】★Service charge...
Tsukiji Gindako High-Ball Sakaba / takoyaki bar
Address Shinjuku TOHO BLD 1F 19-1 Kabukicho 1chome Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-6205-5959
Opening Time 11:00-3:00am Sun hollyday 11:00-24:00/Open eneryday

SUNTORY Pub club Rotary
Address 23-1 Kabuki Cho 2-chome Furin Hall 6F

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Tel 03-3205-1801
Opening Time 19:30-23:30 /Sun Holiday
All drinks on menu for 6000 Yen/60min
Support the salaried men in Shinjuku.
red. /Shinjuku Goldengai Cafe & Bar
Address Shinjuku Goldengai,Hanazono 5th avenue 1-6 2F Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-3209-3255
Opening Time 18:00-5:00am/Irregular holidays
She said it was created in the image of American general stores, and, according to Ino from the store, red. is a "Cozy, secret base-like place." They recommend their hot dogs and cof fee mixer, which is made with ice cof fee. The small, cozy interior opens into a wide lof t, where you will find ar t on exhibit and a sofa.
T.C. 1,000yen/one person
soft drink/500yen~
hot dog/700yen
red hot dog/800yen
Folk Art Bar SUZUBAR/Shinjuku Goldengai G1
Address Shinjuku Golden Gai G1 1F 1-10 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-5272-6100
Opening Time 19:00ー3:00am/open everyday
The store master, Yassan, has fantastic English. This classic bar, a rarity in Golden Gai,is a place the writer of ten visits.
Address Kabukicho Shinjuku Golden-street (Hanazono Ichiban-gai)

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Tel 03-3209-3255
Opening Time 17:00-5:00am/Irregular holidays
"My father worked in a brewery (Tenju Brewery in Akita), and I got my sake advisercer tification last year." That's how much Myako (Miyako Urabe) from MISO SOUP loves sake. Tenju's Chokaizan has a vivid aroma, and is her recommendation. As the name of the establishment suggests, you they have all you can eat miso soup.
☆Charge OFF!
Address AD bld.6F 2-22-13 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-3200-6340 ※要予約
Opening Time 20:00-24:00/closed on Sunday
This members only bar lounge has been in business for 22 years this year.
Set price:
LOUNGE Bun・Bun(ぶん・ぶん)
Address Skylark BLD 3F 2-38-11 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel ※要予約 03-3207-3571
Opening Time 18:00-23:00/closed on Sat. Sun. and Holiday
This establishment is popular with regular customers, and has been kept open for 22 years by the great efforts of the matron.
Set price: \9,000 and up (four types of appetizer, mineral water, ice cream) *By the bottle

総席数 16席:(内カウンター 9席 ) 
Address PLAND BLD 6F 2-24-6 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6233-8662
Opening Time 0:00-8:00/closed on Thursday
Ever want your own hole in the wall type of bar?
■飲み放題・歌い放題(2時間) 女性:3,000円 男性:5,000円 焼酎セット(無料)・セットドリンク(無料)
A DAY(アディ)/Mix Bar
Address Metoro Plaza 1 / 6F 2-13-6 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 050-3176-1617
Opening Time 21:00-6:00am/closed on Sun. and Holiday
MIX Bar is "a place where you can meet cross dressers, drag queens, female cross dressers, and older guys who are a little rough around the edges." Takami, a drag queen, is the matron. She went from high school (all-boys), to a college of music, to become a studio musician in Shinjuku 2-chome, then Okinawa (for some reason), and back to 2-chome, to Asakusa, Roppongi, Ginza, and then on to Kabukicho. But she doesn't "want to make it a cross dressing bar," and so, she says, it might be better to treat it as a normal snack bar. It is a new establishment.
◎1 hour all you can drink
new club M /new-half club
Address Caterina BLD 10F 3-15 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6380-3848
Opening Time 20:00-1:00am/Sunday
new-half club.
A guest lady said, "I want everyone to go there to see the shows and try the food. Also, if you've come all the way to Kabukicho, and want to try a piece of Kabukicho, you need to go to a cabaret club, or a host club if you're a woman."
Gui Kara Mix / karaoke bar
Address Kabukicho BLD.3F 12-6 Kabuki Cho 1-chome Shinjuku-ku

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Tel 03-6205-6670
Opening Time 20:30-5:00am/Open everyday


Executive Club RanMaru
Address 13-6 Kabuki Cho 2-chome metroPlaza1/1F

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Tel 03-3209-8925
Opening Time 19:00-1:00AM/Sun
“RANMARU,” a high-class cabaret club for adult visitors.
Celebrating our 31 year anniversary since our grand opening in Shinjuku Kabukicho, our wish has always been to continue to be a cabaret club beloved by all.

Offers limited to first time customers,
Customers bearing, or claiming to have read the official Kabukicho Guidebook,and customers with no shimei (choice of companion)!

From 19:00 - ¥6,000 / 60min (service charge and tax included)
From 21:00 - ¥8,000 / 60min (service charge and tax included)
club selene(セレネ)/ new club(cabaret-club)
Address 2nd Wizard 7 BLD.2F 2-8 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku

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Tel 03-5292-1931
Opening Time 20:00-1:00am/Sun.Holiday
【Selene】We went to the luxurious luxury club, selene,
a cabaret with a matron.

This establishment is categorized as a cabaret club, but it has a matron. Her name is Satsuki Hamada. She is 48 years old. "Selene uses a the pricing system of a cabaret club, and is very close to a calm version of what you would call a "club"."
Inside, they have live piano performances every 30 minutes, giving it a luxurious atmosphere. The average cus tomer expenditure here is

<Fee system> 8:00pm-last (60 minutes):11,000jpy
30 minute extension: 4,500jpy Tax/service charge: 25%+10%
* Estimated budget: 20,000+jpy
luminous saloon PROUDIA
Address Gofuku BLD 1F 26-4 Kabukicho 2chome Shinjuku-Ku

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Tel 03-3232-6572
Opening Time 20:00-1:00am/Sunday, holliday
Located in the centre of Shinjuku Kabukicho, PROUDIA is known in the cabaret industry for it’s consistant high-quality cast members. In this comfortable room, on a large-scale oor, both fantastic and mystical, relish the upmost “twinkling experience” to your heart’s desire.

<STANDARD: Set Fee (60 min)>
20:00-20:59 ¥8,000
Service charge 25% *Consumption tax will be charged separately
Address 23-12 Kabuki Cho 2-chome Checkmate Building B1

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Tel 03-3204-1248
Opening Time 20:00-1:00am/Sun Holiday
Amaterasu, the greatest-scale cabaret in all of Kabukicho,with the biggest wine cellar in Kabukicho. Spend a leisurely time here regardless of whether you are a wine lover or not.

21:00-LAST ¥11,000
Service Charge 20%(Vip room 25%)
*Consumption tax will be charged separately

Budget about ¥17,100-¥20,000/one person
club cabaret Minamijujisei /club & cabaret
Address 1st Metoro BLD B1F 2-13-6 Kabukicho Shinjuku-Ku,Tokyo

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Tel 03-5272-3288
Opening Time 19:00-1:00am/Sun.Holiday
”Minamijujisei”is a cabaret c lub that works on a payment system that charges based on time, and calls
itself a "Kurakyaba" (a "Club Cabaret " ). Apparently this means that its closer to a club than other cabaret clubs, and, put simply, employs girls from a different age group. Cabaret clubs employ girls in their twenties, while a club cabaret employs ones who are ten years older.
《price system》
<STANDARD: Set Fee (60 min)>
Shimei charge ¥3,000
Service charge 20%

Offers limited to first time customers,
Customers bearing, or claiming to have read the official Kabukicho Guidebook,and customers with no shimei (choice of companion)! ― SET PRICE 50% OFF!!
The Every Body's/Shinjuku Golden Gai G2
Address 1-9 Kabuki Cho 1-chome G2Avenue(Shinjuku Golden Gai)

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Tel 03-3207-1338
Opening Time 18:00-5:00am/closed on Sunday
New Open 2019/11/7 Shinjuku Goruden-Gai G2 ST.2F
〇料金システム チャージ1000円、Drink 700円~ 喫煙有
Address Arao BLD.4F-C 2-25-2 Kabukicho Shinjuku-Ku

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Tel 03-3208-6435
Opening Time 19:00~24:45 / Every month 1st and Thursday holiday
Kabukicho No.1 entertainment and "regend Host Club".
If you visit us the first time, two hours 5,000 yen. With Shothu or brandy one bottle,and free soft drink.

Ai Honten, a long-standing pioneer of the host club industry with a deep history behind it, will be reopening on July 2020 after relocation.

shop time 19:00~24:45
Address 28-15 Kabuki Cho 2-chome Sachi-Bld.B1

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Tel 03-5155-2911
Opening Time 18:30-25:00(L.O.23:30)/Mon,1st day of every month
Named after Count Hans Axel von Fersen, the only man that Marie-Antoinette loved, our venue is built to present women with a love that is one and only. We will make your stay an experience never to be forgotten.
☆Glass wine (red / white) or draft beer or One soft drink service
Address Kabukicho 1-2-7 Kabukicho-Daikan Plaza Seiza-Kan B1F

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Tel 03-6273-6937
Opening Time 19:00-25:00(L.O.23:30)/Mon,1st day of every month
You can choose between three kinds of first-visits.This option is available for your first two visits.
Address Kabukicho Social BLD.8F 2-15 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-5155-5626
Opening Time 19:00-25:00(L.O.23:30)/1st every month , Mon
Butler's Club ADEOS - 2016.6.25

This is Butler's Club, not Host Club.
Best Fation, Best service, and Best Price.
Easy-to-understand fee system,budget 10,000yen~

We look forward to your visit of the lady.
Address 21-2 Kabukicho-2chome,Sophia BLD. B1F

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Tel 03-3205-3185
Opening Time 19:00-25:00(L.O.23:30)/1st every month, Occasionally
Experience genuine excitement, both intellectually and sensually.
Although late-coming as a wine producer compared to France and Italy, the California Opus Wine has rapidly established it’s position in the world as a top wine brand. The club name “OPUST” takes after this Opus wine, to coincide with our aspiration to become the No. 1 host club in Kabukicho.

☆First time customers -
Fees ¥1,000
Address 2-15 Kabuki Cho 1-chome Social Building 9F , Shinjuku-ku

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Tel 03-3205-3122
Opening Time 18:00-25:00 (L.O 23:30)/1st every month, Mon
What comes to mind when you hear “Host club”?
A luxurious interior, champagne glasses being endlessly emptied... Some of you may shy away
from such an unfamiliar world.
However, that is exactly the type of people that “APiTS” wishes to invite. It is our goal to
increase your happiness, and we live to hear your lively voices, saying you had “so much fun!”.

VANPS/Host Club
Address ARAO BLD.5F 25-2 Kabukicho 2chome, Shinjuku-ku

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Tel 03-6228-0113
Opening Time 19:00-25:00(L.O.23:30)/1st every month , Mon
Our brand concept is to “love each and every one of our customers”.
◎First-time price: 90min
ROYAL/New Clu(Cabaret-Club)
Address JAビル2F 1-17-7 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-3232-0503
Opening Time 20:00-1:00am/closed on Sunday

総席数 25席:(内カウンター 4席 ) 
基本料金(60分):20:00~21:00 5,000円・21:00~ 6,000円
延長(30分):3,000円 指名・場内指名: 2,000円
Dream Flow 夢花/ New Club(Cabaret-Club)
Address Shinko BLD 7F 1-2-13 Kabukicho Shinjuku

[Show Map]
Tel 03-3207-5355
Opening Time 20:00-24:00/closed on Sat. Sun. and holiday

総席数 16席:(内カウンター4席 ) 
Salon de Mei /New Club(Cabaret-Club)
Address Checkmate Bld 7F 2-23-12 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-3209-7771
Opening Time 19:00-1:00am/closed on Sat. Sun.and Holiday
総席数 19 席:(内カウンター 3 席 ) 
指名料 2,000円 延長1名様30分(自動延長)3,000円
Elfin(エルフィン)/new club(cabaret-club)
Address Lee3 BLD 7F 2-11-4 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-3208-2512
Opening Time 20:00-1:00am/closed on Sun. and Holiday

総席数 28 席:(内カウンター 5 席 ) 
セット料金:21:00前(60分)6,000円 21:00以降(90分)10,000円
テーブルチャージ:1,000円 延長(30分)3,000円
本指名:3,500円 場内指名 2,500円 <税10%・サ20%>
CLUB EPISODE(エピソード)/Host Club
Address Kabukicho 2-33-1 Dai6TOA BLD.6F Shinjuku

[Show Map]
Tel 03-5155-3604
Opening Time Morning 6:00-12:00 Night 20:00-24:30 /closed on Monday
Experience a world you’ve never seen before with our cast of drop-dead handsome hosts.

■初回料金(1SET 90分)
OPEN~LAST 3,000円
延長料金(30分) 2,000円 +TAX

20:00~20:59 / 60分 / 4,000円
21:00~22:59 / 60分 / 5,000円
23:00~ last / 60分 / 6,000円
延長料金 30分 / 2,000円
TAX、サービス 35% + 消費税10%
arc FORTISSIMO(アークフォルティッシモ)/Host Club
Address Kabukicho 2-9-10 G2bld 1F

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Tel 03-6882-5520
Opening Time 20:00-Last/closed on Monday
Three rising stars of the next generation?Shiyu, Daishou, and Aihime?rock Kabukicho at our luxuriously high-class club. First-time prices:
CLUB AI LAVIE/host cluc
Address Kabukicho 2-20-10 J BLD 4F Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6233-9773
Opening Time 19:00-24:30/every month 1st and Wendnesday closed
One set:
Address Cherry Bld 2F 1-12-5 Kabukicho Shinjuku

[Show Map]
Tel 03-3208-3417
Opening Time 19:00-5:00am/closed on Monday
This authentic bar quietly operates in a small building.
Their fantastic cocktails are great for any occasion.

総席数 15席:(内カウンター 7席 )
チャージ料:800円 カクテル:1,000円~
Sanskrit Salon BISHA 毘沙 /lounge club
Address Dai6 Honma Bld. 2F 2-21-3 Kabukicho Shinjuku

[Show Map]
Tel 03-5291-9671
Opening Time 20:00-24:30/closed on Sat. Sun. and Holiday
What kind of person is the matron of this Kabukicho snack bar ?
Shoko Segiruns the Sanskr it salon, Bisha .

"A profile? You'll be able to tell my real age if I talk (laughs). I hope you don't mind that I have a drink to calm my nerves." So she said,resulting in this picture.
It is my fieenth year back in Tokyo, after I left my birthplace of Kagoshima after my divorce. I came up to Tokyo with no care about what might happen. I tried to become an idol singer in Tokyo a long time ago, so I had a feel for the area. I really wasn't thinking, and all I could do was work in the red light district.
I worked my first part time job at a certain lounge in Kabukicho's Caterina Building. The place I worked at before I came here was bad with paying out wages, and I realized it would just be better to start my own place.
It has been nine years since I opened. I was worried about being able to get customers to come at first. But as people came, numbers started to increase.
We do yakiniku in-store for New Years parties and customer birthdays. Smoke? We just open all of the windows (laughs). Shoko was captivating, smiling and laughing the whole time. "We're cozy, and are like a family, so come and drink with us any time." Ask the
matron what you should request on the karaoke; she once worked to become an idol.

総席数 20席:(内カウンター 5席 ) 
Address Suzuki BLD 5F 2-37-2 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-5286-2828
Opening Time 18:30-24:00/closed on Sun. and Holiday
In business in Kabukicho for 33 years, they oer a cozy, relaxing space,and karaoke.

☆Price for your first visit: (1 hour) All you can drink