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Address B1F-B4F TOKYU KABUKICHO TOWER, 1-29-1, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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Opening Time 22:30-am 4:30 / Tue. and Wed. Regular holiday
The theme of ZEROTOKYO is “ENTERTAINMENT JUNCTION.” Its goal is to create a place that helps diverse people “master one’s likes”,” by gathering a full spectrum of entertainment features such as music, DJ, spatial design, and live performance and by having them ‘intersect,’ thereby providing new, unprecedented entertainment experiences.

Consisting of three levels extending from the second through the fourth basement levels and divided into five areas, it will be one of the largest nighttime entertainment facilities in Japan, and it is planning to actively invite both Japanese and overseas artists.

Dress Code
At ZEROTOKYO, there is no particular dress code.
However, your entry may be denied if our staff deems that your outfit is unacceptably inappropriate for public settings.

*Casual wear items such as beach sandals during summer may not be allowed, considering the possibility of them leading to customer injury or accident. Also, your entry may be denied if your tattoo (including stickers, body paint, etc.) is exposed.

Terms of Use
01. ID Check
You must be 20 years of age or older to enter ZEROTOKYO.
Since ZEROTOKYO is a Specified Licensed Entertainment & Restaurant Facility, all customers must present their ID before entering the venue. Make sure to bring your passport, driver’s license, Basic Resident Registration Card with your head-shot photo, My Number Card with your head-shot photo, Certificate of Alien Registration, or Special Permanent Resident Certificate, or other types of photo ID such as Residence Card. We do not accept image data of your ID, a copy of your ID, or an expired ID.

02. Security Check
Your body and bags will be checked on entry.
It is prohibited to bring the following items into the venue: 1) beverages and food, 2) alcoholic beverages, 3) dangerous goods including knives, 4) animals including pets, 5) explosives including fireworks, and 6) items prohibited by law.

03. Accidents, Thefts, and Other Problems
The business owner, the company entrusted with the management of the facility, event organizers, the venue, performers, etc. will accept no liability whatsoever for any and all accidents, thefts, illnesses, prohibited actions, problems between customers, or injury sustained due to reasons attributable to oneself that arise in or outside the venue.
If you cause a nuisance to other customers or if you do not follow the instructions of our staff, we will have you leave the venue immediately.
In such case, we will not give you a refund, etc. for your entrance fee.

04. Illegal Drugs and Nuisance
If we find any behavior that would cause a nuisance to other customers, such as excessive pickup attempt, getting too drunk, sitting on the floor, sleeping, groping, or scouting, we will have you leave the venue immediately. If we find any possession or use of an illegal drug, we will report it to the police.

05. No Entry by Those Related to Organized Crime Group
We will deny your entry to the venue or have you leave the venue immediately if we discover that 1) you are an organized crime group, a member of an organized crime group, or a company or a group related to an organized crime group, 2) you have a close relationship with any of these entities, or 3) you have a history of engaging in an illegal act or making an unjust demand in the past in relation to matters including civil matters and administrative matters.
In such case, we will not give you a refund, etc. for your entrance fee.
Address 2nd TOA BLD.B1 Kabukicho 1-21-1

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Tel 03-6278-9197
Opening Time 19:00-Last/Open everyday
Found on the second underground floor of Toa Second (via the B1 entrance), has three floors, the UNIVERSE FLOOR, BAR METRO, and COSM ROOM, with a capacity of approximate 1,500 people. It's prices vary depending on the date and time, and costs
Address Kabukicho 1-3 Umemura BLD 5F Shinjuku-Ku

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Tel 03-6273-9519
Opening Time 21:00-a.m.5:00 Sat.Sun 6:00-10:00(Irregular)/ Irregular holidays
"Open on June 14, 2019, in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, under the concept of “Make Tokyo nightlife exciting,” ORIZURU is a new club to enjoy Tokyo night life. The space is beautifully designed and boasts an amazing sound system originally customed by a Japanese sound system brand TAGUCHI. Custom Nishijin silk fabrics in the DJ booth and lacquered bar counter express modern Japanese style with a private VIP room for 6 people. The grand menu includes several kinds of sparklings including a Japanese Sparkling sake as well as a quality Japanese sake of the season.