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Shinjuku Unatetsu Hanare/ Unagi (Freshwater Eel) Restaurant
Address 1-22-2 Kabukicho Shinjuku

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Tel 03-6233-7878
Opening Time 11:00-24:30(LO.24:00)/open everyday (closed only 12/31,1/1,1/2)
Shinjuku Unatetsu's annex hall opened on October 10, 2019. With the eel kebabs, which use everything from the head to the tail, and hitsumabushi, which is perfect with its thick meat roasted over an open flame and gentle stock flavoring, it offers a variety of fantastic dishes. They also have countless sake in stock
【. Price】(Before taxes) Una-ju,Super choice
Japanese Style "SUSHI" PUB NODAPIN
Address 3F Ishii Bld. 45-7 Kabukicho 2chome Shinjuku-Ku

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Tel 03-6273-8083
Opening Time 17:00ー24:00(LO 23:30)/Mon. Holliday
Japanese Style "SUSHI" PUB NODAPIN
Buddget: 4,000~5,000jpy/one person

Open and bustling for over 30 years, an izakaya with an out-house atmosphere anybody can enjoy. Even thought it is in Kabukicho anyone can stop by because of the cosy atmosphere.
The sushi and sashimi is delicious, and reasonably priced. Please indulge in our splendid rice wines, and delicious foods in which we take great pride.

A comment from Mr Noda/ Born in Gifu prefecture, raised in Shinjuku, continually living there for over 37 years to date.
Two generations, both me and my father cooked, whilst my mother ran around the restaurant. You may love eating and drinking here whilst feeling right at home.
Please feel free to stop by.
ITAMAE SUSHI Shinjuku Toho/Sushi
Address Shinjuku TOHO BLD.1F 19-1 Kabukicho 1 chome Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

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Tel 03-6273-9985
Opening Time 10:00-5:00am(L.O.)/Open everyday
Cheap but delicious tuna menu selections. You can enjoy extra premium tuna here. Licensed “2018 Certificate of Excellence” by Trip Advisor!

Named the "King of Sushi" for two years running, Hong Kong's Itamae Sushi has finally come to Japan. Hong Kong and Japan have joined hands to create an affordable yet authentic Edomae-style sushi shop. The quality of ingredients and skill of the chef are what truly make Edomae sushi. Our general manager, Mr. Masashi Satoh, uses his 40 years of experience in this business to bring you quality dining at reasonable prices. We also offer beer, Japanese Sake, Shochu, wine and champagne to go with your meal.

板前本まぐろ刺盛り Assorted tuna sashimi Meals For 2 1,980 JPY tax excluded
Platter of sashimi from various kinds of tuna.

【New】まぐろとアボカドのタルタルサラダ Tuna And Avocado Tartar 780 JPY tax excluded
Tuna and avocado tartare
Tuna and avocado dressed with a white, rich sauce prepared from minced onions, pickled cucumber, capers, parsley, chives, etc., mixed with mayonnaise.
1,680 JPY Course
Fresh Bluefin Tuna Combo (half serving )
1,980 JPY Course
Top ranking combo for Foreigners
TaisyuKappou Asou
Address 22-4 Kabuki Cho 1-chome

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Tel 03-3200-5821
Opening Time 11:30-24:30/Open everyday
The Kabukicho is also be called "Shrimp Street"the public cooking. Oh, Yes! You definitely want to eat at here. Baked in a charcoal fire, "grilled shrimp." But not only grilled shrimp, we also proud to offer you’re the seasonal food at any time. in summer Stamina is be provided, and fresh material, "Grilled" ... and in winter, of course is "pot". There are three floors, with kotatsu and table seating . We also can service a group of 40 people!

All you can drink Course: 3,980 yen 〜 (+tax8%)
Feast: 5,250 yen 〜 (+tax8%)