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Taiwan dishes AOBA
Address 12-6 Kabuki Cho 1-chome Kabuki Cho Building B1F

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Tel 03-3200-5585
Opening Time 11:30-2:00am(Sun Holiday 11:30-23:00) /Open everyday
47 years of serving real Taiwanese dishes, Aoba is a restaurant where you can enjoy healthy food based on "Isyokudougen"
(a balanced diet leads to a healthy body). With more than 200 dishes to choose from!

Lee, the owner of Aoba-
Acknowledged for his 10+ years experience in famous restaurants and hotels around Taiwan. He later moved to Japan to work for retaurants in
Roppongi and Shinjuku. Highly as a Taiwanese food chef, he's the present owner and head chef of Aoba, the modern Taiwanese restaurant.
KONAN SAIKAN /chinese restaurant
Address 23-13 Kabuki Cho 1-chome The 1st Ootaki Building 4F

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Tel 03-3207-8288
Opening Time 12:00-24:00/Open everyday
Fortifying food, unique Hunan cuisine. Kabukicho guide," Lee Komaki 'shop.

A Konan (type of Chinese dish) restaurant produced by one of Kabukicho's prominent gureheads, Lee Xiaomu.
Strikingly tasty dishes, cooked with chilli peppers and herbal Chinese ingredients are served in this relaxing, stylish interior
restaurant. Konan has been ranked as the 4th of 8 most popular Chinese dishes. Konan's origins lie in the use of "Senkou-ratsu (a kind of spice which burns even your stomach)", blended with chilli peppers, Chinese herbal ingredients, and black bean sauce. It's a health-food, perfect for increasing metabolic activity, vitality, and beauty. Chefs from the well known restaurant "Mogehanten" in China use
Japanese ingredients, carefully picked by the owner himself.
You're welcomed at Konan-Saikan with Japanese and Chinese collaboration

Budget:2,500yen〜/one person